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My name is Randy Albert and I have ran A Cab Taxi service in Elk City, Oklahoma for almost ten years.I believe I may have experienced the worst case of documented phone tampering by law enforcement in history. For over two years I have had my calls blocked by law enforcement (not monitored). I have an incredible amount of proof and I believe you will be shocked by the details. For six months I had two phones with the same phone number on them. One received calls from about half the cell phone companies and the other received calls from land lines and the other half of the cell phone companies. I transferred through four companies like this and even put the number on an AT&T land line but it still stayed the same way. So many unreal things have happened to me in the last 2 1/2 years that I feel lucky to even be alive. I had a group of people try to make a deal with me not to call the Federal Communications Commission and I would have all the cab calls I could do but after two weeks I couldn’t go through with it and broke the deal. The local F.B.I. field agent told me that we didn’t need a taxi service here anymore and if I wanted to get my phone to work right I was going to have to go to the Texas Panhandle to get phone service. I don’t think its a case of proving it anymore because there is too much evidence. I can prove that the Department Of Transportation in Oklahoma City played a huge role in tampering with my land line by attaching another phone number to it [580-225-5617]. I have spent thousands of hours documenting many different things with the intention of getting in a position to do something about all the crimes that have been committed against me. I called the AT&T business office at phone number 800-499-7928 in September 2009 and spoke to a representative by the name of Tamika in North Carolina [REP I.D. number TP0124]. She confirmed that the phone number that I had on my land line for a couple of hours had definitely been paid by D.O.T. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The funny thing is that the video shows that the number had an answering machine attached to it that sounded exactly like mine [video number fifteen]. It seemed that someone inside AT&T had my hard line forwarded to a mobile phone and the executive office sent a technician out to check it out but of course he offered no help. I think this technician could have possibly been the one the law was using to do their dirty deeds and to me he sure did act suspicious. I have a lot of video of many different things and so far I have downloaded almost three hours to YouTube under the name A Cab Taxi. Many people know about what has happened to me and around here you either play the game or you become the game. Some people are in disbelief of what has happened but others simply say welcome to Western Oklahoma.
      I have put together some short stories that describe some of the things I have been through is the last few years and I hope you will find this statement interesting. From Dec.27, 2007 to Feb.17, 2008 I had a land line with the 580-821-2222 number that received calls from other landlines and about half the cell phone carriers. An incredible amount of video was captured of the tampering that went on during this time period. The video shows many problems with the land line including call forwarding with a memory, a voice mailbox like a cell phone, operators that won't identify themselves,operators disappearing of the line when I would ask them to connect me to a number, constantly operators telling me that I couldn't bill a call to the land line because it was showing up as a cellular phone, technicians that were completely stumped by not being able to get all the calls to come to the land line after almost two months, the phone performing like a cell phone in many ways, phone representatives and technicians telling me that my civil rights were being violated and recommending that I call the Department Of Justice in D.C., and dozens of other issues that no business any where in the world should have to endure. After two years of searching I have been unable to find anyone else any where that is claiming such a situation.
     In January 2007 my wife and I had been Dobson Cellular customers for fourteen years when all of a sudden the phones became almost useless. I will get into all those difficulties at a later time and I had always experienced good quality phone service with Dobson up until this point. I was at the quick stop on the corner of Colorado and Country Club one day when I saw an old friend that had been working for the City of Elk City for many years. I was telling him about everything that was going on and he had some very troubling things to tell me about the guy that was stalking my wife. I won't go into all of that right now but he told me that I should call the Federal Communications Commission about the phone tampering and also the U.S. Marshall Service about some of the other difficulties. I went home and got the number to the F.C.C. and dialed it but the call would not connect. I tried over a dozen times but the call just hung there. At this time my other phone started ringing and it was one of my customers that I hadn't talked to in a while. I will refer to him as Joe and at all cost his identity will always stay a secret. He told me not to try to call the F.C.C. anymore and I needed to come by his house immediately. I got in my van and drove to his house and once I arrived he met me out front. I didn't know what to think about his phone call and I thought it was some kind of joke. He told me to come inside so I got out and went in. As soon as we got inside we sat down and began to talk. I asked him if he had been drinking and he said not yet. I tried to laugh it off but he wasn't smiling. He pointed at a flag on the wall that said kill'em all and let God sort'em out and I said that's a term that was used in Vietnam. He began to tell me that he heard about Beckham County back in the seventy's when he lived on the east coast and he had came here to join the underworld. I still at this point thought it was some kind of twisted joke but I couldn't help to recall trying to call the FCC so many times. Again I asked him had he been drinking and he said no. He began to tell me that the District Attorney had a secret investigator on me and he only knew his first name. He said that the guy had recently been arrested for domestic abuse and I immediately knew who he was referring to because of several things that had happened with this guy. He had tried to start a fight with me inside the cab on several occasions while I was giving him and several other people a ride home. By this point Joe definitely had my undivided attention and I had a bad feeling on the back of my neck. He told me that I had always been good to him and his family and he wasn't going to let these people get away with what they were planning. He never would say exactly what that was but he wouldn't look at me when I asked him if they could possibly hurt me. He then said that some people were prepared to offer me all the cab rides I could do if I didn't call the F.C.C. Again I was in doubt because it sounded too hard to believe but a lot of what he already had said made since. He said I shouldn't make any demands, threats, or accusations of any sort and I would have all the cab rides I could do. I told him how crazy that sounded and that all I wanted was an apology for what had happened to my wife. He said I didn't have any choice in the matter and he told me not to  make any waves what so ever and I would be good to go. We talked for a while and he told me that the corruption had gotten so horrid that it could make the whole country collapse and he said that the police were very afraid of the people that were controlling things. I wish I would have stayed at his house longer and I have regretted every day not talking to him more about this mess.

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  1. I just read on the net the other day when your cell makes that cracking and buzzing noise like yours did that means its buged Good luck Ray