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My name is Randy Albert and I have ran A Cab Taxi service in Elk City, Oklahoma for almost ten years.I believe I may have experienced the worst case of documented phone tampering by law enforcement in history. For over two years I have had my calls blocked by law enforcement (not monitored). I have an incredible amount of proof and I believe you will be shocked by the details. For six months I had two phones with the same phone number on them. One received calls from about half the cell phone companies and the other received calls from land lines and the other half of the cell phone companies. I transferred through four companies like this and even put the number on an AT&T land line but it still stayed the same way. So many unreal things have happened to me in the last 2 1/2 years that I feel lucky to even be alive. I had a group of people try to make a deal with me not to call the Federal Communications Commission and I would have all the cab calls I could do but after two weeks I couldn’t go through with it and broke the deal. The local F.B.I. field agent told me that we didn’t need a taxi service here anymore and if I wanted to get my phone to work right I was going to have to go to the Texas Panhandle to get phone service. I don’t think its a case of proving it anymore because there is too much evidence. I can prove that the Department Of Transportation in Oklahoma City played a huge role in tampering with my land line by attaching another phone number to it [580-225-5617]. I have spent thousands of hours documenting many different things with the intention of getting in a position to do something about all the crimes that have been committed against me. I called the AT&T business office at phone number 800-499-7928 in September 2009 and spoke to a representative by the name of Tamika in North Carolina [REP I.D. number TP0124]. She confirmed that the phone number that I had on my land line for a couple of hours had definitely been paid by D.O.T. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The funny thing is that the video shows that the number had an answering machine attached to it that sounded exactly like mine [video number fifteen]. It seemed that someone inside AT&T had my hard line forwarded to a mobile phone and the executive office sent a technician out to check it out but of course he offered no help. I think this technician could have possibly been the one the law was using to do their dirty deeds and to me he sure did act suspicious. I have a lot of video of many different things and so far I have downloaded almost three hours to YouTube under the name A Cab Taxi. Many people know about what has happened to me and around here you either play the game or you become the game. Some people are in disbelief of what has happened but others simply say welcome to Western Oklahoma.
      I have put together some short stories that describe some of the things I have been through is the last few years and I hope you will find this statement interesting. From Dec.27, 2007 to Feb.17, 2008 I had a land line with the 580-821-2222 number that received calls from other landlines and about half the cell phone carriers. An incredible amount of video was captured of the tampering that went on during this time period. The video shows many problems with the land line including call forwarding with a memory, a voice mailbox like a cell phone, operators that won't identify themselves,operators disappearing of the line when I would ask them to connect me to a number, constantly operators telling me that I couldn't bill a call to the land line because it was showing up as a cellular phone, technicians that were completely stumped by not being able to get all the calls to come to the land line after almost two months, the phone performing like a cell phone in many ways, phone representatives and technicians telling me that my civil rights were being violated and recommending that I call the Department Of Justice in D.C., and dozens of other issues that no business any where in the world should have to endure. After two years of searching I have been unable to find anyone else any where that is claiming such a situation.
     In January 2007 my wife and I had been Dobson Cellular customers for fourteen years when all of a sudden the phones became almost useless. I will get into all those difficulties at a later time and I had always experienced good quality phone service with Dobson up until this point. I was at the quick stop on the corner of Colorado and Country Club one day when I saw an old friend that had been working for the City of Elk City for many years. I was telling him about everything that was going on and he had some very troubling things to tell me about the guy that was stalking my wife. I won't go into all of that right now but he told me that I should call the Federal Communications Commission about the phone tampering and also the U.S. Marshall Service about some of the other difficulties. I went home and got the number to the F.C.C. and dialed it but the call would not connect. I tried over a dozen times but the call just hung there. At this time my other phone started ringing and it was one of my customers that I hadn't talked to in a while. I will refer to him as Joe and at all cost his identity will always stay a secret. He told me not to try to call the F.C.C. anymore and I needed to come by his house immediately. I got in my van and drove to his house and once I arrived he met me out front. I didn't know what to think about his phone call and I thought it was some kind of joke. He told me to come inside so I got out and went in. As soon as we got inside we sat down and began to talk. I asked him if he had been drinking and he said not yet. I tried to laugh it off but he wasn't smiling. He pointed at a flag on the wall that said kill'em all and let God sort'em out and I said that's a term that was used in Vietnam. He began to tell me that he heard about Beckham County back in the seventy's when he lived on the east coast and he had came here to join the underworld. I still at this point thought it was some kind of twisted joke but I couldn't help to recall trying to call the FCC so many times. Again I asked him had he been drinking and he said no. He began to tell me that the District Attorney had a secret investigator on me and he only knew his first name. He said that the guy had recently been arrested for domestic abuse and I immediately knew who he was referring to because of several things that had happened with this guy. He had tried to start a fight with me inside the cab on several occasions while I was giving him and several other people a ride home. By this point Joe definitely had my undivided attention and I had a bad feeling on the back of my neck. He told me that I had always been good to him and his family and he wasn't going to let these people get away with what they were planning. He never would say exactly what that was but he wouldn't look at me when I asked him if they could possibly hurt me. He then said that some people were prepared to offer me all the cab rides I could do if I didn't call the F.C.C. Again I was in doubt because it sounded too hard to believe but a lot of what he already had said made since. He said I shouldn't make any demands, threats, or accusations of any sort and I would have all the cab rides I could do. I told him how crazy that sounded and that all I wanted was an apology for what had happened to my wife. He said I didn't have any choice in the matter and he told me not to  make any waves what so ever and I would be good to go. We talked for a while and he told me that the corruption had gotten so horrid that it could make the whole country collapse and he said that the police were very afraid of the people that were controlling things. I wish I would have stayed at his house longer and I have regretted every day not talking to him more about this mess.
For the next two weeks I had all the rides I could do and it even seemed as if I got a lunch and dinner break. People that had previously been so rude and hard to deal with were all of a sudden being so nice by tipping me. I think this started to take its toll on me because it made my business feel like a joke and I was pretty sure that a lot of the people didn't really need a ride. Every time they would get in the van and tell me what a great job I was doing the more this crooked deal seemed to wear on me. It wasn't just about the money and my business really meant something to me [crazy huh]. One night about two weeks after the meeting with Joe I was eating dinner at my house with my wife and a driver that I had hired by the name of Jason Brock. I had been thinking about this deal that had been presented and all of a sudden I just got really mad. I told Jason that I was sick of this town and I was going to do something about it. After we finished eating we left the house to do some rides and it was Jason's second day so I wasn't ready to turn him loose with the van yet. I started calling some of the people that I suspected of being involved in the corruption and asking them questions. I remember several of them made remarks like don't ask questions or just take off for a few days. I was asking for an instruction booklet since it was a new kind of taxi service and I think I angered a few people with my comments. We picked up a friends wife and was taking her across town when all of a sudden we had a pickup pull out in front of us. Another pickup came up close to our back bumper and another directly beside us on the left. We were driving down Third Street by Carl's Junior and it seemed as though these pickups were trying to scare us. The customer and Jason both looked afraid because they were both aware of what had went on in the past few weeks. The pickup to our left rolled down the window and the passenger flicked a lit cigarette butt against the side window of the van and all of a sudden there were over a dozen cars and pickups jacking with us. By the time we had reached Washington and Third Street we were all three very concerned about the behavior of all these vehicles. The one in front of us keep slowing way down and the pickup that the cigarette had came from was swerving back and forth in an unsafe manner. I told Jason to pull into Homeland to try to get away from them and he did. We sat there for a moment and some of the pickups started circling the block and they were intentionally reeving up their engines as they would drive by. I asked Jason and April both what they thought we should do and they didn't know. I told them I was going to call a lawyer that I knew so I could ask him about the deal not to call the F.C.C. and also to tell him about these terrorists that were jacking with us. When I called the lawyer it was probably around 10 P.M. and I began telling him what was going on with these vehicles and he started asking for their descriptions. I also told him about Joe presenting a deal not to call the F.C.C. and all of a sudden he said Randy go to the emergency room. This caught me off guard and I told him that I had two other people with me that were afraid. I asked the lawyer if we should go to the police station and he clearly said no don't go to the police station go to the emergency room now. I had the phone on speaker so April and Jason could both hear what was being said and the lawyer said he had to get off the phone. I think we were all in shock and I told Jason to drive us to the emergency room. As we drove to toward the hospital the pickups stayed behind us and it was way more than an over active imagination that all three of us had. I don't really think I would have been near as concerned if there hadn't been over a dozen that were clearly going out of their way to terrorize us anyway possible. We pulled into the parking lot of the E.R. and sat there for a minute talking to each other and we all were very relieved that the pickups were not coming near us. After we sat there about five minutes I told Jason to drive us to the police station because I was going to tell them about all this weird stuff that had been going on. I will go into the rest of that story later on and I will tell you that the lawyer that told us this is very well known and respected around this town. I don't think it would be fair to him if I put his name in this story even though Jason and April were fully aware who was on the other end of the phone.
One afternoon in February 2007 [about three weeks after my meeting with Joe] I was eating dinner with a friend by the name of Seveno Garcia at the Hog Trough on Main Street. A phone call came in from a private number and Seveno answered it. He handed me the phone and said it was Hank with drug task force. I said hello and Hank Twyman said Randy we need you over at drug task force. I told him to give me fifteen minutes and I would be there. We finished eating and headed over there. I figured we were just going to pick someone up like usual but when we pulled in the overhead door on the west side of the building began to open. Hank came out and said Randy we need to see you inside. I got out and Seveno asked me if I was going to be alright. I told him that I didn't know what it was about and I walked inside. Hank pushed the button to close the door and I saw R.C. Daniel inside holding a cup in his hand. I asked R.C. what this was about and he said he had heard I was doing dope. I asked him exactly what he had heard and he asked me how I did it. I said what do you mean and he said do you smoke it, snort it, or shoot it. I thought it was some kind of joke so I asked him how he did his dope. He asked me if I would fill the cup up with urine and I agreed. After I gave him the cup full of urine he made the comment that its hot and its got everything in it. I told him that it didn't have anything in it unless he put it in my drink. I told him to show me where the test said that I was positive for drugs. He shook the cup and said oh its clear it just took a little longer. At this time Hank pulled out his firearm and said that he had heard that I was making threats towards them. He never pointed the gun directly at me but he said that we should just finish you off right now. I asked that they tell me exactly what they had heard and R.C. said that he had heard that I thought the mafia was after me. I said that I didn't think it was the real mafia because it just seemed like they were playing games. At this time Hank put his firearm up and said I was free to go. He pushed the button to raise the door up and we drove out of there. Seveno started asking me what had just happened and he said I was white as a ghost. We made it as far as the Elk City Airport before I pulled over and got out to throw up.
  One morning around 1 A.M. in the spring of 2007 I was taking a guy from the Longhorn bar to the Cactus Drilling yard on Merritt Road. I had just pasted Falcon Road going west towards Merritt Road when a deputy sheriff car came up behind us at a very high rate of speed. I was on the phone with one of my friends and I thought the car was going to hit us. I was doing about 65 MPH and I was in the left hand lane. The car didn't stay behind us very long and came on around on my right and got in front of us. The sheriff car then began slowing down and I didn't know what to make of it. I gave my friend that I was on the phone with the tag number and began describing what the car was doing. The deputy car then switched lanes and got beside us on my right again and stayed right next to us for a few seconds. My customer Armondo began asking me what I had done to make him mad and I really didn't know what to think. The car then got back behind us again and was just a couple of feet from my back bumper. I told Armondo to hold on because I was going to hit the brakes really hard and I was irritated by how close he was to the back of us with no light bar or siren on. When I came down on the brakes real hard the car came within inches of hitting us. By this time I was almost at Merritt Road and turned south to take Armondo to his bunk house. The deputy car turned around and headed back east toward Walmart. I sat in front of Armondo's trailer for a few minutes talking to my friend that was still on the phone and after I hung up I had a pretty good visit with Armondo about what had just happened. All that kept going through my mind was the story of the nurse that had been killed down by Carter. I told him that I was pretty sure it had something to do with me asking too many questions about the untouchable informant that had got away with so much and I told him that I also had a feeling that it had something to do with the phone getting tampered with as well. Armondo got out and I drove back toward town. When I got to Falcon Road the deputy car was sitting in the median and I slowed down to about 35 mph to try to see if he had his window down. I wasn't sure what to do and I went back to town and finished my last few rides. The next day my friend called and said that he had someone check the license plate number out that I had gave him. He said it was a deputy by the name of Jason and he was a former Marine. That's really nothing compared to a couple of dozen other things that have occurred. I'm pretty sure hes not a deputy here anymore and honestly what do you do in a situation like that. So many scary things like this happened in 2007 that it  is a miracle that I survived all the nonsense that went on. For a long time I didn't completely understand why all this was happening but after many hours of looking into a lot of things that happened in the early years of the cab much of it makes sense.
     The next story happened in the summer of 2007 when I had my buddy Bob Mopen with me and may God rest Bobs soul. He died last year and he rode with me night after night for a long time because he was afraid something was going to happen to me. What a true friend and the guy was good as gold. He had been to prison for an unreal amount of drunk driving violations in his younger years and loved to pick up the drunks as much as I did. Bob was incredibly street smart and tough as hell. We had just picked up Betty from Betty Boops taxi and at that time she had worked for me over three years. It was her night off and she had been at the Pitstop bar. A few minutes after I told a known informant some information about Guy Hylton being involved in the corruption we were getting pulled over by at least a half a dozen units. The first officer that came to the van threw a milk bone or some kind of dogie treat by the right rear wheel so the dog would be sure to hit on the van. I thought Bob was kidding me when he told me the dogs fixing to hit on the back tire. I saw the cop throw something by the passenger side back tire while I was looking in the side view mirror but I had no idea what it was until Bob told me. The cop came up to my door and asked for my drivers license and he also asked if there was any illegal substances in the vehicle that I was aware of. I told him that there is no telling what might be in this van considering it was public transportation and I asked him why we were being pulled over. He said that I was going 41 mph in a 35 mph zone and at this time another officer got a drug dog out of the back of one of the cars. He brought the dog to the passenger side of the van and of course the dog barked when it walked past the rear tire where the dogie treat had been placed. The cop that asked me for my drivers license was now instructing us all three to step out of the van. When I got out the officer asked me again if there was any drugs in the van and I told him that there was probably a half a dozen crack pipes under the back seat. I don't think he appreciated my sarcasm much and the other cop let the dog inside the van for just a minute or two before being pulled back out. It really didn't look to me like they were looking for anything because the officers didn't even check the inside of my van. A couple of minutes later we were free to go as usual and we had something like that happening every night. Usually it was Officer Scottie Tice that would pull me over and give me a warning for going over the speed limit when I was actually going well under.                                                                                                                                                          Early in the summer of 2007 I was driving by city hall around 10 p.m. and saw Guy Hylton getting in his pickup. They must of been having one of their late night asbestos damage control meetings because he had just got indited for endangering the D.O.C. workers by exposing them to asbestos and I think he had already been charged with lying to a federal grand jury. I pulled in to talk to Guy and began telling him about a few of the things that had been going on. He told me to come to his office in the morning and we would go into it in detail. I asked him what time and he said early. Later on that night I went to Denny's to eat and saw a friend there that was extremely concerned about what was going on. He told me to stay out in the open and began asking me if I had stuff gathered up for the U.S. Attorneys office. At this time I didn't have any video or anything at all and I was really scared. We both decided that the best thing for me to do would be to go to the O.S.B.I. in Oklahoma City and I left after I finished my food. On my way to Oklahoma City one of the Mexican drug dealers from the Bedford Inn called me and made the statement "you know you got a family to worry about right". I didn't really know what to do but I kept going and reached the O.S.B.I. around five a.m. I was sitting in the parking lot trying to decide what to do when Chris Black called me from the Elk City Police Department and wanted to talk. Chris is now a highway patrol and I believe he is one of the good guys. He began telling me that there is just too many people involved in this and I should just come back to Elk City. I agreed to come back to Elk City and I was afraid. On my way back I called my wife and told her to get the kids and go to her mothers. Then I called Chris back and asked him if he could come to my house and meet with me when I got back to town and he said he would. When I reached my house, two police officers were there and I invited them in. Shane and Brett began asking me if I was doing any drugs, and Shane told me to lean my head back with my eyes closed and hold them closed for 30 seconds. When I opened my eyes and looked back at him I said does it look like I'm on anything Shane? At this time it was around 7 A.M. and I told them that I had a meeting with Guy Hylton. They informed me that the meeting was canceled and then they left. That night I was hauling 7 people from the Endzone to 7th street and was pulled over by four police units. The one that came up to the door told me that the boss wanted to talk to me and when he pulled up I told him that I had been offered a job at the playboy mansion if I would give up the taxi. I was talking about an incident that had just happened a few weeks before where one of the richest guys in town had offered me a job at his oil field company making eighty thousand dollars a year if I would just give up the taxi.
    In June 2007 a Sprint Nextel corporate executive from the Reston Virgina office by the name of Andre Sajaro told me to start logging all the things that were happening with the phones and go to the police station to complain about the calls being blocked. He gave me a case number [1463973] and all he got when he tried to call me was a fast busy signal. The only way I got through to him was by calling from a pay phone. That's the last time I have been able to talk to this guy and have since made thousands of attempts to reach him. One time I spent ten hours on the phone in one day trying to reach him and the people would either tell me he was sick or on vacation. One time I started screaming at this lady that I wasn't going to take this crap anymore and all of a sudden the phone started ringing. A lady picked up the phone after several rings and said Sprint Nextel. I told her that I had been on the phone for hours trying to get a hold of Andre Sajaro and she said that she couldn't imagine who it was I had been talking to. She then connected me to Andres voice mail and I left him a message in November 2007 while I was video taping.
     I went to the police station to complain about my phone calls getting blocked [not monitored] and I had my fifteen year old son Dylan with me because he had seen an incredible amount of this mess. We met with two detectives and they wanted to interview my son in the back so I agreed. When they came out they took out there handcuffs and placed me in custody. I will never forget the look on my sons face as they took me off to a holding cell. Once I got to Red Rock in Clinton I saw Dr. Ahn for less than five minutes and that night a nurse gave me a pill that she said was ibuprofen but it was actually Invega [its a new drug for schizophrenia]. I refused the ibuprofen and after three days at Red Rock I got out with a stack of papers. While I was looking over the paper work I noticed that Dr. Ahn had wrote my diagnosis on one of the papers and it said that I was homicidal, suicidal, delusional, and schizophrenic. I was so angry when I got back to Elk City I put a message on my phone saying I was suing these bastards for a million dollars and I got a call from the Pitstop bar to pick someone up a few minutes later. I've saw the guy several times and know his sister because I have picked her up on Boone street a lot. As soon as he loaded up I noticed he was an older guy wearing an army cap and shirt. He began telling me that he drove a cab in Chicago years ago as we started pulling out of the bar. We got to the Hog Trough on Main street when all a sudden a pickup and a blazer came flying by us and blocked both lanes in front of us. I noticed that the red blazer had bullet holes in the tailgate and the guy I had with me said that I was going to have to do what these people wanted me to do. I didn't know what to think so I began trying to pass the vehicles on the left in the oncoming lane and they would both pull that direction to keep me from going around them. I picked up my phone and called the Elk City Police Department to report it and I won't say at this time which dispatcher took the call but I will tell you that it was the mother of the boy that was driving the blazer. I told her what was going on and she said yes we know they won't hurt you. I couldn't believe what she said and she disconnected the call. I wish I would have rammed my van into the back of the blazer. They both started speeding up and I followed close behind the blazer because I was pissed. As soon as we got to Third Street the pickup turned left and the blazer turned right. I continued to follow the blazer and he turned into the police station and pulled all the way around back where the police cars park. The guy sitting next to me didn't have anything to say except he told me to stay safe several times. I dropped him off on Randall and headed to my house to get the number for CNN Headline News in Atlanta Georgia. When I called the number I was on hold for five hours and just sat the phone down with it on speaker. Finally the phone started ringing and rang for fifty eight minutes before a guy with a middle eastern accent identifying himself as Milton answered the phone and he only had fifteen seconds to take my story.
     One day in August 2007 I was setting around with my three Sprint phones trying to make some sense out of several thousand things when I decided to take all three phones and call a Sprint tech number that I got off the net. I got customer service on all three phones at the same time and went from one to the next asking them if they could hold while I took another call. Finally I got down to one phone and a customer service representative told me that a company by the name of Embarq had taken over my account. I had never heard of this company before and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor checked it and said she had never seen anything like it before. She asked me if the phone and bill said Sprint and I told her yes. She then placed me on hold while she consulted with another supervisor. When she came back on she said it was very strange but she triple checked it and gave me a number to call Embarq at [800-877-7707]. If you call Embarqs other business number by blocking the id [*67-800-877-7077] they still recognize your number and a computer voice asks if you want to talk about phone number [your number] press one. I have never seen a phone company that can do that and believe me I have been through two dozen. I called the number that Sprint gave me and a lady in Florida told me that she couldn't find an account for me and said it was odd that Sprint would tell me this. I started rambling my phone conspiracy's to her and told her since the phones were almost useless I should just switch over to Embarq. Since Sprint already thought I was an Embarq customer maybe it would help shake all the roaming with Allstream in Canada (another story). She began setting me up an account and after about ten minutes she told me that she would call me back in just a few minutes with a conformation. After four hours she still hadn't called back so I called her back. She told me that I had to be a previous land line customer in order to get mobile service. That sounded strange but I told her OK I will get a land line then. She began setting this up and some guy broke in on the line and said Mr. Albert we don't do business in Oklahoma at all anymore and the call disconnected. I redialed the number but I got a recording that to this day says call the talk line at 800382talk and disconnects. I called it time and time again and was shocked. I called the talk line and got there customer service number. When I called the talk line customer service some guy told me that wasn't their number and didn't know what to make of it. Embarq will even admit that its their number but nobody can provide an explanation. A few minutes later I pulled into the Country Palace to pick someone up that had called for a ride and ran inside to use the restroom. When I came out there was a huge muscled up Spanish guy standing by my van that looked angry. I walked over to him and he bowed up to me and said I was messing with the wrong people. I had never seen this guy before and asked him what he meant. At that time he punched me on the side of the head and knocked me all the way out. A friend that was standing a few feet away said I flew off my feet like a rag doll. After I was knocked out he began kicking me in the head and lucky for me the owner of the bar Robert George maced the guy before he killed me. I was knocked out for about ten minutes and when I woke up two police officers helped me up off the ground. They said I needed medical attention but I refused telling them that I had to make money to take care of my family. I had blood running out of my ear, blood coming out of my mouth, and a bad scrape on my elbow. I got in my van and two guys that I knew loaded up. They were here from Florida to add onto the prison at Sayre and were pretty important people. One of them told me that I needed a business partner and I said I didn't need a partner I just wanted my phones left alone. After I finished my rides about an hour later I went to the E.R. to get checked out because my jaw and neck was hurting. While I was at the E.R. Rob called me and told me that the guy got arrested for assault and public intoxication. He told me that the guy told the police that the reason he did it was because I was threatening to stab his friend while he was passed out. Rob said that he told the police there was no way that could have happened because he was standing out there the whole time. I asked Rob if he knew the guy and he told me that he was the top prison guard at the Sayre facility and also a reserve police officer. Turns out his name is Captain Brownfield and the only Brownfield I could find in the phone book was Officer Dan Brownfield at the Custer County Sheriffs office. (2003 phone book) I think that might be his dad possibly. While I was getting checked out at the hospital my wife called and said someone was tapping on the kitchen window in our back yard. (3:30 am) I told her to call the police and I left the E.R. without getting ex rays. When I got home Steve Bonds was in our back yard and said they couldn't find anyone. It took three weeks to get a police report because they said it was being graded and he paid a ticket here in town. I think maybe he got a medal for doing it because he should have been taken to Sayre jail or at least got a reprimand for the warden. I couldn't turn my neck for ten days and my jaw is still out of alignment to this day.
      On September 13 2007 I ported my 580-821-2222 number into Tracfone Wireless because a friend told me that he didn't think that the law could tamper with Tracfones as easily as other carriers. After switching phone companies 5 times in as many months I ported the number but for ten days I couldn't make or receive calls on the phone because it wouldn't allow me to add airtime. Tracfone said every day that they would get it fixed and one of their representatives even told me not to call Sprint about the problem. I thought this was odd and it was weird how the phone rang and even had a voice mailbox but only calls from about have the cell phone companies went to the Tracfone and the rest of the cell companies calls and land lines all came to the Sprint phone. This shocked phone people every where and they said they had never heard of anything like it. I called Sprint to see what was up and a porting specialist told me that Tracfone had never even requested a port. It didn't seem like I could get a straight answer from anyone and after ten days Tracfone claimed that the port was complete and the phone let me add airtime to it. The phone could now make calls and receive calls but still only about half the providers calls came to the Tracfone 580-821-2222 and the rest still came to the Sprint 580-821-2222. A month went by and I ported to another company after hundreds of calls to Tracfone and Sprint but the same problem happened with Virgin Mobile.
     After the Captain prison guard almost killed me in front of the Country Palace I decided to call Scott Hines at Channel Four [Four in Your corner] to see if he would look into it. This was about a month after it had happened and I was finally healed up except for my jaw being out of alignment from hitting my chin on the pavement when he knocked me unconscious. Around five o'clock in the evening I got a call from the drug task force to pick up two guys and take them to the bus station. I went over there and picked up two clean cut guys and took them to the bus station and of course I was very suspicious that they were cops. Maybe they were and maybe they weren't but the phones were so tampered with that it was very difficult for people to call me. I dropped these guys off and they gave me their business card. They said they were from Michigan and worked for some kind of postal insurance company. About an hour after I had dropped them off one of them called back and needed to go back to the task force because he had forgot to get something he said. When we returned there the gate was locked so I called the police station to see if we could get in touch with someone. The dispatcher said that she would relay the message and we started back toward the bus station. As we drove up the road from D.T.F. I noticed that the guy that lives by the airport that works for D.T.F. was outside so I told the guy that was with me. I didn't feel that it was a secret and lots of people know that he lives there. I'm not going to mention his name out of respect for him and I kind of like the guy. The guy wanted to stop and get out and ask the guy if he could go back to D.T.F. and get something out of his car. When the guy got out and started walking up the road towards the house it seemed to anger the task force agent. He immediately got back in the van and I took him back to the bus station. Two and half hours later I was at Love's on 3rd street putting gas in my van when a message came through on my phone from the number 405-111-1111 and it was a message from Scott Hines at channel 4. I tried to use my phone to call the phone number back but it wouldn't go through. I even tried to call their regular number but the phone wouldn't work. I then drove to the Holiday Inn to use their phone and when I got there a friend called and said I was on the scanner and the police were looking for me. I called the Elk City police station and talked to an officer and he told me I had to come to the station to meet with the task force in the court room. When I arrived at the police station I walked into the court room where several task force agents were waiting along with a regular police officer. I asked them what was going on and one of them asked me if I had told the guy that I took to the bus station why his partner lived. I told him that we were driving by and we could see his police unit so we decided to stop and see if he could help the guy get his belongings. I told them all that I didn't really think it was a secret were he lived and it was on city property in plain sight. One of them said that the guys I had gave a ride to could be dangerous and if anything happened to his partner that he was going to press charges on me. I said that I didn't think the guys were dangerous and I apologized for exposing his residence even though I was certain that this didn't have anything to do with me getting called down to the police station at ten o'clock at night.
      2007 was a pretty rough year for me and it seemed like that every time I broke out my video camera and started investigating the phone troubles someone from the Department of Human Services would call or drop by. In October of 2007 my wife was leaving to go to Oklahoma City to stay at Saint Anthony's Hospital for a while because she was experiencing a lot of depression. Travis White came to her mothers and stopped her from going to the depression clinic and I believe they were afraid that she would tell the doctors what this twisted law had been doing to us. He told her that he was placing the kids in the care of her mother. Shortly after that he went to my boys school and called him to the councilors office. When Dylan got to the office Travis took his phone away and began asking him how many times he had witnessed my wife and I inject heroin. The boy didn't even know what he meant by that and told him that there was no drug abuse that he was aware of. A few minutes later he showed up at my house with detective Kenny Shirey. I invited them in and we sat down to talk. The first thing that Travis asked me was how many times a week was the wife and I  having sex and I think he was trying to make me take a swing at him. I held my cool and Travis asked if they could search the house. I told them that I had nothing to hide and he wanted to go out to the garage to have a look. They looked all through the house and told me that they were placing my children with my mother and law. I told them that my wife was leaving for Oklahoma City in just a few minutes and Travis made the comment that he had called that off. I believe that he broke several laws when he did this and intend on eventually making D.H.S. answer for some things. Several people have stated that he didn't have the power or any right to do this. Truth is that this dope head punk has got away with so many things that he has earned the title the Gestapo of D.H.S. by many. As soon as he left my house he went back to my mother in laws where part of my family was waiting to find out what was going on. As soon as he showed up there he told all of them that he had smelled marijuana in my garage but its funny how he had failed to mention that when he was in my garage with a detective. They would have got a search warrant if there was any odor of marijuana I assure you. After I heard what he told them at my mother in laws I was very angry and called the Elk City Police Department to talk to Kenny. I asked him about what Travis had said but he had no comment as I slammed the phone down. Several weeks went by and I talked to Carla at Diversified Family Services and she said that it was going to be several months before the kids got to come home because they were using the trip to Red Rock against me. A few minutes later I was so angry I called O.U. Medical Center to try to get a psychological evaluation and amazingly enough the next day the kids got to come home and Carla said that she couldn't believe it but D.H.S. had closed our case. Many people have referred to Travis White at the Department of Human Services as the Gestapo of D.H.S. One of the people I heard say this is a local newspaper reporter and he had heard a lot of things about this guy that he was outraged about. I was giving a friend a ride one night several years ago when all this mess began and she suggested to me that we would get our kids took away if I continued to fight this mess. I went to school with this lady and she was a dispatcher at the police station at one time. I have also heard a lot of people over the years refer to Dr. Ahn at Red Rock as Dr. Seroquel because of the amount of people she has prescribed the drug Seroquel to. Many have insisted that the reason she got this nickname is for using it as a tool to make people forget about things that point to corruption they have been exposed to.
      I know personally how severe the corruption levels are at the Elk City Police Department. I know many cases where people were hit with false charges because they learned the level of corruption occurring with not only Elk City Police but Beckham County as well. The corruption also involves the judges and many other officials. They will put false charges and harass people in order to tarnish their reputation and will even go as far as getting the person court admitted into a psychiatric facility hoping that Elk City citizens will not question them. Not all on the force are corrupt and just like Joe said the police are afraid, especially the ones who aren't involved. There has been quite a turn over and I do not know much about these new cops. If you happen to know about embezzlement's, who really is controlling the drugs, people murdered who were involved with the higher ups. Instead of going after the criminals, they go after the people who stand for what is right. Paul Harvey once said, "IF you want to get away with murder move to Beckham County Oklahoma".
  One day in November of 2007 the local F.B.I agent Brad Thompson called me on the phone and told me that we didn't need a taxi service here anymore and if I wanted to get my phone to work right I was going to have to go to the Texas Panhandle to get phone service. Five minutes later I was being pulled over for improper backing by three police officers as I pulled into my mothers house just off of Third Street. She came out to see what was going on and the officers told her that they had some concerns about my mental welfare. They also told my mom that I was going back to Red Rock in Clinton. I told them what the local F.B.I. agent just told me and the one in charge said that I couldn't prove that he said that. At this time I held up my phone and asked them if they would like to hear what was said because I had recorded the whole conversation. They looked shocked by this and the one in charge put up his handcuffs. He went back to his car to call his supervisor and when he came back he told me that I was free to go.
     Another day in November 2007 my wife and I were sitting at home and officer Bret Moore came by and told me not to call Chan 5 in Oklahoma City anymore. Just a couple of hours before that I had spoken with a local reporter about the situation with one set of phone companies calls going to one phone and the other part including land lines coming to another phone. He said that 5 on your side could possibly help so I called them to talk. I dialed the number that the reporter gave me [405-478-3000] and a guy answered that would not identify himself. He said if I was the taxi in Elk City, whats the phone number to a couple of motels. I thought this was a very strange question but I told him the numbers to Motel 6 and the Kings inn. He then asked me what the phone number to the police station was and I told him. I also told him not to call the police because I could prove what I was saying and he said he wasn't going to call them. We talked for a moment and then he stated that there was nothing they could do and I told him thanks. About five minutes later the police officer showed up and told my wife and I not to call Channel 5.
      I went to Chan 5 in Oklahoma City and met with a reporter by the name of Mark Opgrande and told him what had happened. He told me that all the reporters would identify themselves and he checked with all the people at the station and there was no record of me ever calling the station. At this time he got a camera man and took my story. I plan on going back there soon and since have met with The L. A. Times in California about this and a reporter there said that very few news people were brave enough to look into the crimes that have been committed against people using the phone companies. I called the Elk city police from CNN in Hollywood and Mark Cook said that he had took the call and couldn't remember if it was Chan. 4 or 5, but the wife and I remember. Also in August of  2009 my son and I were invited to The Daily Oklahoman by a watchdog reporter by the name of Vallery Brown and she took many notes. Also I contacted Senator Tom Coburns office in Oklahoma City and after talking to Craig Smith for about an hour he sent out privacy release forms for me to sign so he could start calling the phone companies. I think more pressure is going to have to be put on Senators and congressmen in order to get some valuable results and I plan on doing everything in my power to make sure I use every means possible to accomplish this. Lets get to the bottom of this and you tell me when you review a couple of minutes of this video if you think that all the people on the other end of the phone are who they say they are. A manager at the local AT&T office said that there is enough for a whole team of lawyers to retire off of on this situation but most lawyers tell me that they would have to retire if they try to sue these people. I asked Brett Moore [the police officer that came to my house and told me not to call Channel 5 again] about this incident and all he would say was Randy your in a bind. Also while I was in Okc one day I went to see a lawyer on 13th street by the name of Mark Blasdel. I had been trying to call his number for a while but it kept coming up a talk line advertisement like so many other numbers do that I know for a fact shouldn't be. When I walked into his office I told him what was up and dialed his number right in front of him. He looked afraid and told me that his office didn't have the resources to take on the F.B.I. and had no suggestions except the news media.
     I refuse to accept that there is nothing that can be done about all this and stay tuned for part two of my story. This part just included what happened mostly in 2007 so you should at this point have an idea of how much information there is about 2008, 2009, and the years prior to 2007. Many many details have been left out for now because of the amount of information involved.