One day in November of 2007 the local F.B.I agent Brad Thompson called me on the phone and told me that we didn't need a taxi service here anymore and if I wanted to get my phone to work right I was going to have to go to the Texas Panhandle to get phone service. Five minutes later I was being pulled over for improper backing by three police officers as I pulled into my mothers house just off of Third Street. She came out to see what was going on and the officers told her that they had some concerns about my mental welfare. They also told my mom that I was going back to Red Rock in Clinton. I told them what the local F.B.I. agent just told me and the one in charge said that I couldn't prove that he said that. At this time I held up my phone and asked them if they would like to hear what was said because I had recorded the whole conversation. They looked shocked by this and the one in charge put up his handcuffs. He went back to his car to call his supervisor and when he came back he told me that I was free to go.
     Another day in November 2007 my wife and I were sitting at home and officer Bret Moore came by and told me not to call Chan 5 in Oklahoma City anymore. Just a couple of hours before that I had spoken with a local reporter about the situation with one set of phone companies calls going to one phone and the other part including land lines coming to another phone. He said that 5 on your side could possibly help so I called them to talk. I dialed the number that the reporter gave me [405-478-3000] and a guy answered that would not identify himself. He said if I was the taxi in Elk City, whats the phone number to a couple of motels. I thought this was a very strange question but I told him the numbers to Motel 6 and the Kings inn. He then asked me what the phone number to the police station was and I told him. I also told him not to call the police because I could prove what I was saying and he said he wasn't going to call them. We talked for a moment and then he stated that there was nothing they could do and I told him thanks. About five minutes later the police officer showed up and told my wife and I not to call Channel 5.
      I went to Chan 5 in Oklahoma City and met with a reporter by the name of Mark Opgrande and told him what had happened. He told me that all the reporters would identify themselves and he checked with all the people at the station and there was no record of me ever calling the station. At this time he got a camera man and took my story. I plan on going back there soon and since have met with The L. A. Times in California about this and a reporter there said that very few news people were brave enough to look into the crimes that have been committed against people using the phone companies. I called the Elk city police from CNN in Hollywood and Mark Cook said that he had took the call and couldn't remember if it was Chan. 4 or 5, but the wife and I remember. Also in August of  2009 my son and I were invited to The Daily Oklahoman by a watchdog reporter by the name of Vallery Brown and she took many notes. Also I contacted Senator Tom Coburns office in Oklahoma City and after talking to Craig Smith for about an hour he sent out privacy release forms for me to sign so he could start calling the phone companies. I think more pressure is going to have to be put on Senators and congressmen in order to get some valuable results and I plan on doing everything in my power to make sure I use every means possible to accomplish this. Lets get to the bottom of this and you tell me when you review a couple of minutes of this video if you think that all the people on the other end of the phone are who they say they are. A manager at the local AT&T office said that there is enough for a whole team of lawyers to retire off of on this situation but most lawyers tell me that they would have to retire if they try to sue these people. I asked Brett Moore [the police officer that came to my house and told me not to call Channel 5 again] about this incident and all he would say was Randy your in a bind. Also while I was in Okc one day I went to see a lawyer on 13th street by the name of Mark Blasdel. I had been trying to call his number for a while but it kept coming up a talk line advertisement like so many other numbers do that I know for a fact shouldn't be. When I walked into his office I told him what was up and dialed his number right in front of him. He looked afraid and told me that his office didn't have the resources to take on the F.B.I. and had no suggestions except the news media.
     I refuse to accept that there is nothing that can be done about all this and stay tuned for part two of my story. This part just included what happened mostly in 2007 so you should at this point have an idea of how much information there is about 2008, 2009, and the years prior to 2007. Many many details have been left out for now because of the amount of information involved.

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