After the Captain prison guard almost killed me in front of the Country Palace I decided to call Scott Hines at Channel Four [Four in Your corner] to see if he would look into it. This was about a month after it had happened and I was finally healed up except for my jaw being out of alignment from hitting my chin on the pavement when he knocked me unconscious. Around five o'clock in the evening I got a call from the drug task force to pick up two guys and take them to the bus station. I went over there and picked up two clean cut guys and took them to the bus station and of course I was very suspicious that they were cops. Maybe they were and maybe they weren't but the phones were so tampered with that it was very difficult for people to call me. I dropped these guys off and they gave me their business card. They said they were from Michigan and worked for some kind of postal insurance company. About an hour after I had dropped them off one of them called back and needed to go back to the task force because he had forgot to get something he said. When we returned there the gate was locked so I called the police station to see if we could get in touch with someone. The dispatcher said that she would relay the message and we started back toward the bus station. As we drove up the road from D.T.F. I noticed that the guy that lives by the airport that works for D.T.F. was outside so I told the guy that was with me. I didn't feel that it was a secret and lots of people know that he lives there. I'm not going to mention his name out of respect for him and I kind of like the guy. The guy wanted to stop and get out and ask the guy if he could go back to D.T.F. and get something out of his car. When the guy got out and started walking up the road towards the house it seemed to anger the task force agent. He immediately got back in the van and I took him back to the bus station. Two and half hours later I was at Love's on 3rd street putting gas in my van when a message came through on my phone from the number 405-111-1111 and it was a message from Scott Hines at channel 4. I tried to use my phone to call the phone number back but it wouldn't go through. I even tried to call their regular number but the phone wouldn't work. I then drove to the Holiday Inn to use their phone and when I got there a friend called and said I was on the scanner and the police were looking for me. I called the Elk City police station and talked to an officer and he told me I had to come to the station to meet with the task force in the court room. When I arrived at the police station I walked into the court room where several task force agents were waiting along with a regular police officer. I asked them what was going on and one of them asked me if I had told the guy that I took to the bus station why his partner lived. I told him that we were driving by and we could see his police unit so we decided to stop and see if he could help the guy get his belongings. I told them all that I didn't really think it was a secret were he lived and it was on city property in plain sight. One of them said that the guys I had gave a ride to could be dangerous and if anything happened to his partner that he was going to press charges on me. I said that I didn't think the guys were dangerous and I apologized for exposing his residence even though I was certain that this didn't have anything to do with me getting called down to the police station at ten o'clock at night.
      2007 was a pretty rough year for me and it seemed like that every time I broke out my video camera and started investigating the phone troubles someone from the Department of Human Services would call or drop by. In October of 2007 my wife was leaving to go to Oklahoma City to stay at Saint Anthony's Hospital for a while because she was experiencing a lot of depression. Travis White came to her mothers and stopped her from going to the depression clinic and I believe they were afraid that she would tell the doctors what this twisted law had been doing to us. He told her that he was placing the kids in the care of her mother. Shortly after that he went to my boys school and called him to the councilors office. When Dylan got to the office Travis took his phone away and began asking him how many times he had witnessed my wife and I inject heroin. The boy didn't even know what he meant by that and told him that there was no drug abuse that he was aware of. A few minutes later he showed up at my house with detective Kenny Shirey. I invited them in and we sat down to talk. The first thing that Travis asked me was how many times a week was the wife and I  having sex and I think he was trying to make me take a swing at him. I held my cool and Travis asked if they could search the house. I told them that I had nothing to hide and he wanted to go out to the garage to have a look. They looked all through the house and told me that they were placing my children with my mother and law. I told them that my wife was leaving for Oklahoma City in just a few minutes and Travis made the comment that he had called that off. I believe that he broke several laws when he did this and intend on eventually making D.H.S. answer for some things. Several people have stated that he didn't have the power or any right to do this. Truth is that this dope head punk has got away with so many things that he has earned the title the Gestapo of D.H.S. by many. As soon as he left my house he went back to my mother in laws where part of my family was waiting to find out what was going on. As soon as he showed up there he told all of them that he had smelled marijuana in my garage but its funny how he had failed to mention that when he was in my garage with a detective. They would have got a search warrant if there was any odor of marijuana I assure you. After I heard what he told them at my mother in laws I was very angry and called the Elk City Police Department to talk to Kenny. I asked him about what Travis had said but he had no comment as I slammed the phone down. Several weeks went by and I talked to Carla at Diversified Family Services and she said that it was going to be several months before the kids got to come home because they were using the trip to Red Rock against me. A few minutes later I was so angry I called O.U. Medical Center to try to get a psychological evaluation and amazingly enough the next day the kids got to come home and Carla said that she couldn't believe it but D.H.S. had closed our case. Many people have referred to Travis White at the Department of Human Services as the Gestapo of D.H.S. One of the people I heard say this is a local newspaper reporter and he had heard a lot of things about this guy that he was outraged about. I was giving a friend a ride one night several years ago when all this mess began and she suggested to me that we would get our kids took away if I continued to fight this mess. I went to school with this lady and she was a dispatcher at the police station at one time. I have also heard a lot of people over the years refer to Dr. Ahn at Red Rock as Dr. Seroquel because of the amount of people she has prescribed the drug Seroquel to. Many have insisted that the reason she got this nickname is for using it as a tool to make people forget about things that point to corruption they have been exposed to.
      I know personally how severe the corruption levels are at the Elk City Police Department. I know many cases where people were hit with false charges because they learned the level of corruption occurring with not only Elk City Police but Beckham County as well. The corruption also involves the judges and many other officials. They will put false charges and harass people in order to tarnish their reputation and will even go as far as getting the person court admitted into a psychiatric facility hoping that Elk City citizens will not question them. Not all on the force are corrupt and just like Joe said the police are afraid, especially the ones who aren't involved. There has been quite a turn over and I do not know much about these new cops. If you happen to know about embezzlement's, who really is controlling the drugs, people murdered who were involved with the higher ups. Instead of going after the criminals, they go after the people who stand for what is right. Paul Harvey once said, "IF you want to get away with murder move to Beckham County Oklahoma".

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