One day in August 2007 I was setting around with my three Sprint phones trying to make some sense out of several thousand things when I decided to take all three phones and call a Sprint tech number that I got off the net. I got customer service on all three phones at the same time and went from one to the next asking them if they could hold while I took another call. Finally I got down to one phone and a customer service representative told me that a company by the name of Embarq had taken over my account. I had never heard of this company before and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor checked it and said she had never seen anything like it before. She asked me if the phone and bill said Sprint and I told her yes. She then placed me on hold while she consulted with another supervisor. When she came back on she said it was very strange but she triple checked it and gave me a number to call Embarq at [800-877-7707]. If you call Embarqs other business number by blocking the id [*67-800-877-7077] they still recognize your number and a computer voice asks if you want to talk about phone number [your number] press one. I have never seen a phone company that can do that and believe me I have been through two dozen. I called the number that Sprint gave me and a lady in Florida told me that she couldn't find an account for me and said it was odd that Sprint would tell me this. I started rambling my phone conspiracy's to her and told her since the phones were almost useless I should just switch over to Embarq. Since Sprint already thought I was an Embarq customer maybe it would help shake all the roaming with Allstream in Canada (another story). She began setting me up an account and after about ten minutes she told me that she would call me back in just a few minutes with a conformation. After four hours she still hadn't called back so I called her back. She told me that I had to be a previous land line customer in order to get mobile service. That sounded strange but I told her OK I will get a land line then. She began setting this up and some guy broke in on the line and said Mr. Albert we don't do business in Oklahoma at all anymore and the call disconnected. I redialed the number but I got a recording that to this day says call the talk line at 800382talk and disconnects. I called it time and time again and was shocked. I called the talk line and got there customer service number. When I called the talk line customer service some guy told me that wasn't their number and didn't know what to make of it. Embarq will even admit that its their number but nobody can provide an explanation. A few minutes later I pulled into the Country Palace to pick someone up that had called for a ride and ran inside to use the restroom. When I came out there was a huge muscled up Spanish guy standing by my van that looked angry. I walked over to him and he bowed up to me and said I was messing with the wrong people. I had never seen this guy before and asked him what he meant. At that time he punched me on the side of the head and knocked me all the way out. A friend that was standing a few feet away said I flew off my feet like a rag doll. After I was knocked out he began kicking me in the head and lucky for me the owner of the bar Robert George maced the guy before he killed me. I was knocked out for about ten minutes and when I woke up two police officers helped me up off the ground. They said I needed medical attention but I refused telling them that I had to make money to take care of my family. I had blood running out of my ear, blood coming out of my mouth, and a bad scrape on my elbow. I got in my van and two guys that I knew loaded up. They were here from Florida to add onto the prison at Sayre and were pretty important people. One of them told me that I needed a business partner and I said I didn't need a partner I just wanted my phones left alone. After I finished my rides about an hour later I went to the E.R. to get checked out because my jaw and neck was hurting. While I was at the E.R. Rob called me and told me that the guy got arrested for assault and public intoxication. He told me that the guy told the police that the reason he did it was because I was threatening to stab his friend while he was passed out. Rob said that he told the police there was no way that could have happened because he was standing out there the whole time. I asked Rob if he knew the guy and he told me that he was the top prison guard at the Sayre facility and also a reserve police officer. Turns out his name is Captain Brownfield and the only Brownfield I could find in the phone book was Officer Dan Brownfield at the Custer County Sheriffs office. (2003 phone book) I think that might be his dad possibly. While I was getting checked out at the hospital my wife called and said someone was tapping on the kitchen window in our back yard. (3:30 am) I told her to call the police and I left the E.R. without getting ex rays. When I got home Steve Bonds was in our back yard and said they couldn't find anyone. It took three weeks to get a police report because they said it was being graded and he paid a ticket here in town. I think maybe he got a medal for doing it because he should have been taken to Sayre jail or at least got a reprimand for the warden. I couldn't turn my neck for ten days and my jaw is still out of alignment to this day.
      On September 13 2007 I ported my 580-821-2222 number into Tracfone Wireless because a friend told me that he didn't think that the law could tamper with Tracfones as easily as other carriers. After switching phone companies 5 times in as many months I ported the number but for ten days I couldn't make or receive calls on the phone because it wouldn't allow me to add airtime. Tracfone said every day that they would get it fixed and one of their representatives even told me not to call Sprint about the problem. I thought this was odd and it was weird how the phone rang and even had a voice mailbox but only calls from about have the cell phone companies went to the Tracfone and the rest of the cell companies calls and land lines all came to the Sprint phone. This shocked phone people every where and they said they had never heard of anything like it. I called Sprint to see what was up and a porting specialist told me that Tracfone had never even requested a port. It didn't seem like I could get a straight answer from anyone and after ten days Tracfone claimed that the port was complete and the phone let me add airtime to it. The phone could now make calls and receive calls but still only about half the providers calls came to the Tracfone 580-821-2222 and the rest still came to the Sprint 580-821-2222. A month went by and I ported to another company after hundreds of calls to Tracfone and Sprint but the same problem happened with Virgin Mobile.

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