In June 2007 a Sprint Nextel corporate executive from the Reston Virgina office by the name of Andre Sajaro told me to start logging all the things that were happening with the phones and go to the police station to complain about the calls being blocked. He gave me a case number [1463973] and all he got when he tried to call me was a fast busy signal. The only way I got through to him was by calling from a pay phone. That's the last time I have been able to talk to this guy and have since made thousands of attempts to reach him. One time I spent ten hours on the phone in one day trying to reach him and the people would either tell me he was sick or on vacation. One time I started screaming at this lady that I wasn't going to take this crap anymore and all of a sudden the phone started ringing. A lady picked up the phone after several rings and said Sprint Nextel. I told her that I had been on the phone for hours trying to get a hold of Andre Sajaro and she said that she couldn't imagine who it was I had been talking to. She then connected me to Andres voice mail and I left him a message in November 2007 while I was video taping.
     I went to the police station to complain about my phone calls getting blocked [not monitored] and I had my fifteen year old son Dylan with me because he had seen an incredible amount of this mess. We met with two detectives and they wanted to interview my son in the back so I agreed. When they came out they took out there handcuffs and placed me in custody. I will never forget the look on my sons face as they took me off to a holding cell. Once I got to Red Rock in Clinton I saw Dr. Ahn for less than five minutes and that night a nurse gave me a pill that she said was ibuprofen but it was actually Invega [its a new drug for schizophrenia]. I refused the ibuprofen and after three days at Red Rock I got out with a stack of papers. While I was looking over the paper work I noticed that Dr. Ahn had wrote my diagnosis on one of the papers and it said that I was homicidal, suicidal, delusional, and schizophrenic. I was so angry when I got back to Elk City I put a message on my phone saying I was suing these bastards for a million dollars and I got a call from the Pitstop bar to pick someone up a few minutes later. I've saw the guy several times and know his sister because I have picked her up on Boone street a lot. As soon as he loaded up I noticed he was an older guy wearing an army cap and shirt. He began telling me that he drove a cab in Chicago years ago as we started pulling out of the bar. We got to the Hog Trough on Main street when all a sudden a pickup and a blazer came flying by us and blocked both lanes in front of us. I noticed that the red blazer had bullet holes in the tailgate and the guy I had with me said that I was going to have to do what these people wanted me to do. I didn't know what to think so I began trying to pass the vehicles on the left in the oncoming lane and they would both pull that direction to keep me from going around them. I picked up my phone and called the Elk City Police Department to report it and I won't say at this time which dispatcher took the call but I will tell you that it was the mother of the boy that was driving the blazer. I told her what was going on and she said yes we know they won't hurt you. I couldn't believe what she said and she disconnected the call. I wish I would have rammed my van into the back of the blazer. They both started speeding up and I followed close behind the blazer because I was pissed. As soon as we got to Third Street the pickup turned left and the blazer turned right. I continued to follow the blazer and he turned into the police station and pulled all the way around back where the police cars park. The guy sitting next to me didn't have anything to say except he told me to stay safe several times. I dropped him off on Randall and headed to my house to get the number for CNN Headline News in Atlanta Georgia. When I called the number I was on hold for five hours and just sat the phone down with it on speaker. Finally the phone started ringing and rang for fifty eight minutes before a guy with a middle eastern accent identifying himself as Milton answered the phone and he only had fifteen seconds to take my story.

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