One morning around 1 A.M. in the spring of 2007 I was taking a guy from the Longhorn bar to the Cactus Drilling yard on Merritt Road. I had just pasted Falcon Road going west towards Merritt Road when a deputy sheriff car came up behind us at a very high rate of speed. I was on the phone with one of my friends and I thought the car was going to hit us. I was doing about 65 MPH and I was in the left hand lane. The car didn't stay behind us very long and came on around on my right and got in front of us. The sheriff car then began slowing down and I didn't know what to make of it. I gave my friend that I was on the phone with the tag number and began describing what the car was doing. The deputy car then switched lanes and got beside us on my right again and stayed right next to us for a few seconds. My customer Armondo began asking me what I had done to make him mad and I really didn't know what to think. The car then got back behind us again and was just a couple of feet from my back bumper. I told Armondo to hold on because I was going to hit the brakes really hard and I was irritated by how close he was to the back of us with no light bar or siren on. When I came down on the brakes real hard the car came within inches of hitting us. By this time I was almost at Merritt Road and turned south to take Armondo to his bunk house. The deputy car turned around and headed back east toward Walmart. I sat in front of Armondo's trailer for a few minutes talking to my friend that was still on the phone and after I hung up I had a pretty good visit with Armondo about what had just happened. All that kept going through my mind was the story of the nurse that had been killed down by Carter. I told him that I was pretty sure it had something to do with me asking too many questions about the untouchable informant that had got away with so much and I told him that I also had a feeling that it had something to do with the phone getting tampered with as well. Armondo got out and I drove back toward town. When I got to Falcon Road the deputy car was sitting in the median and I slowed down to about 35 mph to try to see if he had his window down. I wasn't sure what to do and I went back to town and finished my last few rides. The next day my friend called and said that he had someone check the license plate number out that I had gave him. He said it was a deputy by the name of Jason and he was a former Marine. That's really nothing compared to a couple of dozen other things that have occurred. I'm pretty sure hes not a deputy here anymore and honestly what do you do in a situation like that. So many scary things like this happened in 2007 that it  is a miracle that I survived all the nonsense that went on. For a long time I didn't completely understand why all this was happening but after many hours of looking into a lot of things that happened in the early years of the cab much of it makes sense.
     The next story happened in the summer of 2007 when I had my buddy Bob Mopen with me and may God rest Bobs soul. He died last year and he rode with me night after night for a long time because he was afraid something was going to happen to me. What a true friend and the guy was good as gold. He had been to prison for an unreal amount of drunk driving violations in his younger years and loved to pick up the drunks as much as I did. Bob was incredibly street smart and tough as hell. We had just picked up Betty from Betty Boops taxi and at that time she had worked for me over three years. It was her night off and she had been at the Pitstop bar. A few minutes after I told a known informant some information about Guy Hylton being involved in the corruption we were getting pulled over by at least a half a dozen units. The first officer that came to the van threw a milk bone or some kind of dogie treat by the right rear wheel so the dog would be sure to hit on the van. I thought Bob was kidding me when he told me the dogs fixing to hit on the back tire. I saw the cop throw something by the passenger side back tire while I was looking in the side view mirror but I had no idea what it was until Bob told me. The cop came up to my door and asked for my drivers license and he also asked if there was any illegal substances in the vehicle that I was aware of. I told him that there is no telling what might be in this van considering it was public transportation and I asked him why we were being pulled over. He said that I was going 41 mph in a 35 mph zone and at this time another officer got a drug dog out of the back of one of the cars. He brought the dog to the passenger side of the van and of course the dog barked when it walked past the rear tire where the dogie treat had been placed. The cop that asked me for my drivers license was now instructing us all three to step out of the van. When I got out the officer asked me again if there was any drugs in the van and I told him that there was probably a half a dozen crack pipes under the back seat. I don't think he appreciated my sarcasm much and the other cop let the dog inside the van for just a minute or two before being pulled back out. It really didn't look to me like they were looking for anything because the officers didn't even check the inside of my van. A couple of minutes later we were free to go as usual and we had something like that happening every night. Usually it was Officer Scottie Tice that would pull me over and give me a warning for going over the speed limit when I was actually going well under.                                                                                                                                                          Early in the summer of 2007 I was driving by city hall around 10 p.m. and saw Guy Hylton getting in his pickup. They must of been having one of their late night asbestos damage control meetings because he had just got indited for endangering the D.O.C. workers by exposing them to asbestos and I think he had already been charged with lying to a federal grand jury. I pulled in to talk to Guy and began telling him about a few of the things that had been going on. He told me to come to his office in the morning and we would go into it in detail. I asked him what time and he said early. Later on that night I went to Denny's to eat and saw a friend there that was extremely concerned about what was going on. He told me to stay out in the open and began asking me if I had stuff gathered up for the U.S. Attorneys office. At this time I didn't have any video or anything at all and I was really scared. We both decided that the best thing for me to do would be to go to the O.S.B.I. in Oklahoma City and I left after I finished my food. On my way to Oklahoma City one of the Mexican drug dealers from the Bedford Inn called me and made the statement "you know you got a family to worry about right". I didn't really know what to do but I kept going and reached the O.S.B.I. around five a.m. I was sitting in the parking lot trying to decide what to do when Chris Black called me from the Elk City Police Department and wanted to talk. Chris is now a highway patrol and I believe he is one of the good guys. He began telling me that there is just too many people involved in this and I should just come back to Elk City. I agreed to come back to Elk City and I was afraid. On my way back I called my wife and told her to get the kids and go to her mothers. Then I called Chris back and asked him if he could come to my house and meet with me when I got back to town and he said he would. When I reached my house, two police officers were there and I invited them in. Shane and Brett began asking me if I was doing any drugs, and Shane told me to lean my head back with my eyes closed and hold them closed for 30 seconds. When I opened my eyes and looked back at him I said does it look like I'm on anything Shane? At this time it was around 7 A.M. and I told them that I had a meeting with Guy Hylton. They informed me that the meeting was canceled and then they left. That night I was hauling 7 people from the Endzone to 7th street and was pulled over by four police units. The one that came up to the door told me that the boss wanted to talk to me and when he pulled up I told him that I had been offered a job at the playboy mansion if I would give up the taxi. I was talking about an incident that had just happened a few weeks before where one of the richest guys in town had offered me a job at his oil field company making eighty thousand dollars a year if I would just give up the taxi.

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