For the next two weeks I had all the rides I could do and it even seemed as if I got a lunch and dinner break. People that had previously been so rude and hard to deal with were all of a sudden being so nice by tipping me. I think this started to take its toll on me because it made my business feel like a joke and I was pretty sure that a lot of the people didn't really need a ride. Every time they would get in the van and tell me what a great job I was doing the more this crooked deal seemed to wear on me. It wasn't just about the money and my business really meant something to me [crazy huh]. One night about two weeks after the meeting with Joe I was eating dinner at my house with my wife and a driver that I had hired by the name of Jason Brock. I had been thinking about this deal that had been presented and all of a sudden I just got really mad. I told Jason that I was sick of this town and I was going to do something about it. After we finished eating we left the house to do some rides and it was Jason's second day so I wasn't ready to turn him loose with the van yet. I started calling some of the people that I suspected of being involved in the corruption and asking them questions. I remember several of them made remarks like don't ask questions or just take off for a few days. I was asking for an instruction booklet since it was a new kind of taxi service and I think I angered a few people with my comments. We picked up a friends wife and was taking her across town when all of a sudden we had a pickup pull out in front of us. Another pickup came up close to our back bumper and another directly beside us on the left. We were driving down Third Street by Carl's Junior and it seemed as though these pickups were trying to scare us. The customer and Jason both looked afraid because they were both aware of what had went on in the past few weeks. The pickup to our left rolled down the window and the passenger flicked a lit cigarette butt against the side window of the van and all of a sudden there were over a dozen cars and pickups jacking with us. By the time we had reached Washington and Third Street we were all three very concerned about the behavior of all these vehicles. The one in front of us keep slowing way down and the pickup that the cigarette had came from was swerving back and forth in an unsafe manner. I told Jason to pull into Homeland to try to get away from them and he did. We sat there for a moment and some of the pickups started circling the block and they were intentionally reeving up their engines as they would drive by. I asked Jason and April both what they thought we should do and they didn't know. I told them I was going to call a lawyer that I knew so I could ask him about the deal not to call the F.C.C. and also to tell him about these terrorists that were jacking with us. When I called the lawyer it was probably around 10 P.M. and I began telling him what was going on with these vehicles and he started asking for their descriptions. I also told him about Joe presenting a deal not to call the F.C.C. and all of a sudden he said Randy go to the emergency room. This caught me off guard and I told him that I had two other people with me that were afraid. I asked the lawyer if we should go to the police station and he clearly said no don't go to the police station go to the emergency room now. I had the phone on speaker so April and Jason could both hear what was being said and the lawyer said he had to get off the phone. I think we were all in shock and I told Jason to drive us to the emergency room. As we drove to toward the hospital the pickups stayed behind us and it was way more than an over active imagination that all three of us had. I don't really think I would have been near as concerned if there hadn't been over a dozen that were clearly going out of their way to terrorize us anyway possible. We pulled into the parking lot of the E.R. and sat there for a minute talking to each other and we all were very relieved that the pickups were not coming near us. After we sat there about five minutes I told Jason to drive us to the police station because I was going to tell them about all this weird stuff that had been going on. I will go into the rest of that story later on and I will tell you that the lawyer that told us this is very well known and respected around this town. I don't think it would be fair to him if I put his name in this story even though Jason and April were fully aware who was on the other end of the phone.
One afternoon in February 2007 [about three weeks after my meeting with Joe] I was eating dinner with a friend by the name of Seveno Garcia at the Hog Trough on Main Street. A phone call came in from a private number and Seveno answered it. He handed me the phone and said it was Hank with drug task force. I said hello and Hank Twyman said Randy we need you over at drug task force. I told him to give me fifteen minutes and I would be there. We finished eating and headed over there. I figured we were just going to pick someone up like usual but when we pulled in the overhead door on the west side of the building began to open. Hank came out and said Randy we need to see you inside. I got out and Seveno asked me if I was going to be alright. I told him that I didn't know what it was about and I walked inside. Hank pushed the button to close the door and I saw R.C. Daniel inside holding a cup in his hand. I asked R.C. what this was about and he said he had heard I was doing dope. I asked him exactly what he had heard and he asked me how I did it. I said what do you mean and he said do you smoke it, snort it, or shoot it. I thought it was some kind of joke so I asked him how he did his dope. He asked me if I would fill the cup up with urine and I agreed. After I gave him the cup full of urine he made the comment that its hot and its got everything in it. I told him that it didn't have anything in it unless he put it in my drink. I told him to show me where the test said that I was positive for drugs. He shook the cup and said oh its clear it just took a little longer. At this time Hank pulled out his firearm and said that he had heard that I was making threats towards them. He never pointed the gun directly at me but he said that we should just finish you off right now. I asked that they tell me exactly what they had heard and R.C. said that he had heard that I thought the mafia was after me. I said that I didn't think it was the real mafia because it just seemed like they were playing games. At this time Hank put his firearm up and said I was free to go. He pushed the button to raise the door up and we drove out of there. Seveno started asking me what had just happened and he said I was white as a ghost. We made it as far as the Elk City Airport before I pulled over and got out to throw up.

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